SafeApp Courses Management was created for all business which aim to a specific training courses management, most of all the safety and security ones. The objective is to provide a tool suitable for the detailed planning of the course, with complete visibility of certifications and deadlines. Through advanced database it is possible to display the specific information of every client enterprise, monitoring their certifications and the respective deadlines. Starting from a basic model and after analyzing the data in the database, planning activities begin. In this stage lecturers and prices are matched.

If the participants of a course are from different businesses, SafeApp prearranges the names with the respective businesses: in this way the  invoice will automatically show the correct heading. During the course, the lecture will be able to register theattendance and the various qualifications obtained by every single participant. At the end of the training activity, the invoice corresponding to the single user will be automatically generated and the certificates of participation will be sent by default.