SafeApp basic was created to interact with microenterprises  which want a better structure, through a simple and intuitive software, with the aim of providing a tool able to cover every administrative and management activity. It includes all the types of database required for all basic processes management related to customer’s information, reference people, open opportunities, appointments, turnover and sales.

Moreover the database is structured in a way in which you can filter your research starting from macro areas, directly using the name of the client or supplier. Each macro-area specifies the total number of open opportunities and appointments fixed in the area.

The database can also manage your projects ensuring the traceability of the work in progress. The projects are handled starting from a structural and editable basic model, from which a list of all the activities is generated. The list is automatically displayed in the involved people’s calendar and at the end of it there is a report of all the activities carried out, from which the offer will be based.