is a software platform meant for firms which operate in occupational safety sector.

About SafeApp

The software organises all your business activities (such as databases, orders, invoicing, warehouse) in an easy and intuitive way, including also projects management and activities which need planning, such as training courses and attached certifications.


The platform has currently four independently purchasable and expandable modules. Modules are designed to meet the various needs of the market. Suitable for micro-enterprises as well as  companies, they guarantee ergonomic use, clear contents, time saving and costs optimization.


– Customers
– Contacts
– Suppliers


– Task
– Allocation
– State of progress

Training Courses Management

– Sales
– Warehouse
– Procedures Management
– Invoicing/Receipts
– Debt collection procedures

Orders and Paperwork Management

– Paperwork
– Certificates and Deadlines
– Participants
– Automatic Invoicing
– Automatic Enabling


Packages have the aim of meeting the requirements of the various business environments, starting from basic database and document management  to relations and training courses management.


The objective of SafeApp is to create packages which can facilitate the mechanisms within the business, addressing to a wide range of the market: from micro-enterprises, which need tools that can make the administrative process easier, to macro-enterprises whose objective is to monitor and to accurately plan several business processes, such as activities, projects and training courses.

The simple and impactful structure of the software ensure an easy as well as fully autonomous use for any person, independently from their background.

Moreover, the exemplified structure ensures immediate learning from its features.


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